Frequently Asked Questions

As a Campaign Manager, can I check a participant’s progress?

Yes, as the campaign manager, you have access to see everything each participant is doing. How many emails they have entered, have they uploaded a picture, how many donations have been made as well as if the participant has bad emails that they need to go and fix.

What is a “Quality Email”?

A "Quality Email" is an email that actually has donation potential. Friends and other peers in school or in the same age group as the participant are not "Quality Emails". If your friend has the option to go buy a Starbucks or donate that money to you, chances are they are going to buy the Starbucks. Donate4us can accept donations from 135 different countries. Email family, friends, parents of friends, orthodontists, pediatrician, local companies like pizza places, car dealerships or places you tend to go to a lot. This is also the best time to use the "Lifeline" for help. Email mom/dad or grandma/grandpa and ask them to enter all of the Aunts, Uncles and cousins on your behalf. You would be surprised how many people are out there that you know or know of you.

How many emails are required per participant?

There is no set amount of emails each participant has to enter. However, the emails are the key to your group’s success. The more emails that are sent out, the better chance of the email getting opened and a donation being made. We suggest 20 "Quality Emails" per player. Emails can be sent to friends and family all over the world, not just the same people you have to ask time and time again in your work place or on your street.

Is this a tax write off for the donor?

Depending on the status of the organization. We suggest that is a question the donor should ask a qualified tax consultant.

How long does a fundraiser last?

The fundraiser runs for 20-30 days. We strongly suggest it run the full 30 days so your group can take advantage of all the email blasts. We send out an email blast every 7 days, so with a 20 day fundraiser you will receive 2 email blasts verses 4 email blasts with the 30 day fundraiser.

Campaign Manager: I’ve started a campaign but didn’t finish. How do I go back and edit my campaign?

Go to, select “sign in” and enter your email address and password. Your dashboard will appear. Select “manage campaign.” This will bring up your campaign, select your campaign #, this will open your campaign, and you can continue creating your campaign.

How do I Join a campaign?

Your coach or program leader will need to provide you the campaign number and campaign ID. Once you have that, go to select “Join campaign” and follow the instructions.

I forgot my password.

Simply go to select “sign in” and then select “forgot password,” put in your email address that you used to create your account. Your password will be emailed to you.

How quickly can I get started?

Just click on the “Contact Us” and one of our fundraising specialists will reach out to you and get you started ASAP, or simply call us at 800-763-2526.

How do we receive our funds?

Donate4us(Goalbuster) will distribute your funds within three business days of the end of your campaign. Funds can be distributed by check which will be emailed to you or directly deposited into your checking account.